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Manakeep 728x90
By Dante on Jun 08, 2016 at 03:18 AM


Look at all those fancy ui add-ons Dante is running, how do you even play like that? Lookin' good though! Go Octopus Club!

Next time we should probably wait a little bit longer before ending the video? It looks like a loss, specifically because that's the side that was about to die a horrible fiery death. :P
Comment on the Logs:

Awwwh. No fair on the "Avoidable Damage" chart (I took the most). I was tanking a felcaster for a while in one of the phases and it's yelling at me for getting away with it. That was 40% of the damage I took all fight... Then I also tanked a group of Iron Dragoons when I popped Whirlwind on em. 23% of the damage I took. Warriors don't have a threat drop so I call shenanigans!

Shout-out to Fizzle for beating me in ilvl/percentile dps!1
I thought about that too Acheron after I published it. It was like super late and I just wanted to get it done though. You can at least see the bonus roll menu pop up for a split second lol.
Of course you record it the day i'm not there. t^_^t
You'll get it on Tuesday with us! :D
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