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Icyveins RDruid guide is not very good. If you follow their stat or talent guide you will only ever amount to a decent RDruid, not a great one.Blanket Rejuvs are only ever strong, in raids, near end of xpacs when you have the haste to reduce the G...
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Druid's Grove

Logs, analysis, and tools:

I was checking out the fluid druid forums (the forums are mostly up to date, but the website is not) and came across "Clawnalyst" which analyzes warcraft logs for feral druids. It compares your uptimes and buffs as well as telling you where you s...
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Druid's Grove

How to Boomkin

First off, as always: a couple of people showed interest in learning how to Boomkin and I am happy to help! Admittedly I'm a little rusty since I've been bearing so much as of late, but I know where all...
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Kälica's Current Cat Setup

I run a similar build to icy-veins. I use the same spec for all encounters (I could tweak for more aoe, but I don't feel like swapping back and forth all the time). I'll explain my reasoning for certain non-icy-veins selections.I went with guardia...
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Druid's Grove

Druid Resources

Icy-Veins Guides(Balance, Feral, Guardian, Restoration)Icy-veins offers talent suggestions, stat weights, rotation guides, and more. As it is still early in the expansion, this guide may change as more data is available and new content is relea...
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