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[Pinned] Loot Council
Loot Rules

[Pinned] Loot Council

As we progress through Mythic I want to establish a more efficient way to hand out the best loot that World Of Warcraft has to offer at the moment. We will start by dealing with just weapons/shields, trinkets, and tier! All other loot will be hand...
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Loot Rules


If we are still going to run with Master Looter this is how it will be done just so that there is no more confusion.MS>OS (obviously)-If you have won something already and someone rolls against you who hasn't won anything yet then you defer to ...
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Loot Rules

Mythic gear

I see and hear on regular occasion in the group that we want to run Kormrok again for Mythic tier pieces for more people. Maybe I'm looking at this differently, but there isn't any difference in upgrading a heroic tier piece vs. a heroic non-tier...
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Loot Rules

HFC BiS Lists

Hello Octopodes! I made this thread to explore our own personal BiS lists for HFC. I'm going to start it out with my own list of gear included the bosses that drop the loot.
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