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[Pinned] Watch this video!
Small Dante 3y
Dante0111Small Dante 3y

First Look at Nighthold

Enjoy, won't you?
Small Primeboom 2y
Primeboom1153Small Primeboom 2y


So going into heroics I feel like more coordinated use of Innervate would be of great benefit. Here's a nice write up on it, including weakauras for tracking it, which healing classes it would be best used on and so forth. It seems like it would...
Small Keskein 2y
Keskein3231Small Zenmister 2y

TL;DR Raid Videos

Have trouble paying attention to raid videos?Still need to learn fights but just want the basics?TL;DR Raid Videos are for you!
Small Kälica 2y
Kälica1116Small Kälica 2y

Nythendra (First fight in Emerald Nightmare) was made during alpha but checking some videos of people downing during beta its the same strategy.
Small Bellafaccia 2y
Bellafaccia2150Small Ylinimi 2y

Weak Aura strings

This site has WA2 strings for individual bosses in Emerald Nightmare. There is also a handy tab for dungeons as well.Weak Aura 2 StringsIf anyone needs assistance importing strings, hit me up in-game.
Small Ylinimi 2y
Ylinimi1110Small Ylinimi 2y

Emerald Nightmare Guide, TL;DR version...
Small Zenmister 3y
Zenmister0106Small Zenmister 3y

Here are the logs from our best attempt on Kormrok!
Small Dante 3y
Dante4249Small Kälica 3y

So RaidAdvice (formerly a google doc) is a really great place to find class guides that are generally considered a step above IcyVeins. I recommend it 😀 Many of the guides also offer tips for whichever spec for each HFC fight.
Small Keskein 3y
Keskein4244Small Kälica 3y
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