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How to summon Nightbane in Karazhan

Upon opening the door after zoning into Karazhan, the following emote happens:"The strange chill of a dark presence winds through the air." This starts the timer.You have a STRICT timing to make it to Opera, kill Opera and click the first Soul Fra...
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The addon Hekili was suggested by Lotuzara. Haven't tried it myself. But it's for pallies and shaman addons do you guys swear by?
Small Kälica 3y
Kälica5277Small Ylinimi 3y

WOD Challenge Mode Dungeons

It's a bit late in the Xpac to bring this up, but for anyone looking to try and get these done before the pre-patch, I found this set of videos. CM Challenge ModesShrykos, Keskein, Zen, Mandog and myself eked out a bronze rating for Auchindoun. ...
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Mythic Kormrok Video and Strat

I found this video for it. I liked it because it was only 3 min long. But... we don't have rogues...
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