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General Discussion

Legion Tier Set Knowledge Dump (Subject to change)

Legion Item AppearancesThe four less-cool design colors are used for: Alliance PvP, Horde PvP, normal mode, heroic mode.The cooler design colors are for mythic and alliance/horde upper tier PvP sets.[url=
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General Discussion

Legion Raiding

Curious as to the plan for raiding in Legion. What level of difficulty is planned for release of the raid patches?Will we push right into Heroics, then Mythics?Will we go Normal>Heroics>Mythics?I think if we can keep a solid core group, the...
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General Discussion

PTR class testing

Wondering if anyone has been trying out their class on the PTR server? How are you liking the changes? Any concerns you have?Personally, as a MM hunter I'm having trouble finding the rhythm of the spec. I played around this weekend for 2-3 hour...
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General Discussion

If you're bored in trade chat..

Here's a fun game to play!
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General Discussion

What it's like to be an octopus

New and improved link!
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General Discussion

The Thread of Fabulous Facts

Here is a place to share all sorts of interesting facts and trivia with your guild mates!Don't be surprised if this information is shared with your lovely guild mates during downtime in raids.Bonus points for sources and facts about octopuses!shlr...
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