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Mage's Tower

Altered Time

Here is a link to Altered Time. You will find discussions on all of your mage questions in the forums here.
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General Discussion

Hate the new kara attunement?? This is nothing!!

Here is the Attunement for getting into Black Temple ;)
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General Discussion

Mythic +

Thread from reddit wow re: mythic + pull paths. Anyone seen something similar/better?
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Progression Raiding

Time to get good!

Just a heads up for anyone using DMB, bigWigs or even Exsorsus raid tools, when 7.1 hits tomorrow ALL mods that track your position in game... IE range finder or the blade mechanics on Xavius are DEAD. Blizzard is finally removing the ability for ...
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General Discussion

I Believe I Can Glide

I believe i can touch the (city in the) skyI think about it every night and daySpread my goblin-engineered wings and emeralds winds away....(Flew from highmountain to on top of Dalaran!) kong ain't got nothing on meeeee...
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Progression Raiding


Hi all,Well... I knew this time would probably come...but I didint think it would be so soon. I just recently took a promotion at work and its now requiring a lot more time than I originally thought. I will be traveling way more than originally ...
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Loot Rules


If we are still going to run with Master Looter this is how it will be done just so that there is no more confusion.MS>OS (obviously)-If you have won something already and someone rolls against you who hasn't won anything yet then you defer to ...
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General Discussion

The Octopus Club Steam Group

Use Steam?Want Steam buddies?Join The Octopus Club Steam Group!
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General Discussion

Secret (lvl 110) Boss in Gnomer

After the last boss there's a button you can press to summon Endgineer OmegapluggVideo for button
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Progression Raiding

The Raid Plan for 10/25 and 10/27

We plowed through to H3/7 this week, good job!Next week we're going to do Heroic-mode full time, both days. Come on time, research the bosses we haven't seen and lets rock it out!
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Druid's Grove

Kälica's Current Cat Setup

I run a similar build to icy-veins. I use the same spec for all encounters (I could tweak for more aoe, but I don't feel like swapping back and forth all the time). I'll explain my reasoning for certain non-icy-veins selections.I went with guardia...
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Progression Raiding

Heroic Healing (for us healers)

This is more for Zen, Lazer, Lesteon, and myself.How do you all feel last night went? How was healing our heroic attempt at the dragons? Zen and I made the decision for him to focus on the tanks and I focus on the raid for the night. I think we...
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Rogue's Treefort

Korns Corny PVE Assassination Guide

Here are a few tips for Assassination Rogue! First rule is bleeds are OP!Pros:Insane single target damageExceptional defensive utilityFantastic mobilityCons:Extremely minimal AoE (Fan of Knives)Low burst damageStat Priority:Agility;Mastery;Critica...
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I'd like to PvP

Hey guys :). I'd really like to get into PvP, but I have no idea where to start. I've never been especially good at PvP probably because I've really only done PvP by myself in random BGs and world PvP where instead of having a shot at winning, 5 h...
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Progression Raiding

Looking for one of the other healer's input on the Xavus fight.

Hey everyone,This goes out to Zen, Lazer, or Lesteon. What healing strategies are you using for the Xavus fight? I honestly...for the life of me... can't figure out the "dream state" and non "dream state" mechanic. What do you guys do different...
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Progression Raiding

The Raid Plan for 10/18 and 10/20

On Tuesday we are going to clear Normal EN for loot.On Thursday we are going to continue into Heroic EN, the projected kill order is as follows (not 100% set in stone):Nythendra > Dragons > Renferal > UrsocPlease watch a video or two on H...
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Progression Raiding

Amazing healers

You guys are so amazing!I don't know who managed to do it...But someone (someones?) kept me alive after I accidentally made friends with a dragon on the Cenarious fight (I ran off ahead of the tank)So thank you!You're amazing.All you healers are a...
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General Discussion

Halloween Tmog

It's Halloween already, and Hallows End is starting soon, Tuesday actually! I know it is very short notice, but would anyone be interested in dressing up for Halloween/Hallows End for raid for the rest of the month?We've done this a couple other t...
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Death Knight Dungeon

Everything you need to far!

Frost: Unholy:http:...
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