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Death Knight Dungeon


UnholyThe damage done by many Unholy spells has been increased by 6%.All Will Serve damage increased by 15%.Army of the Dead and Apocalypse ghouls damage has been increased.Blighted Rune Weapon number of auto attacks affected increased to 5 (was 4...
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First Look at Nighthold

Enjoy, won't you?
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General Discussion

Spontaneous Druid on Druid Action - VSFW (very safe for work)

Just Primrosefire (Cress), Leffex and myself (Yngle) standing around after raid in the dreamgrove dancing with each other and a spontaneous gathering of tree druids grew into a dance party. It all started when I threw a cooking fire under Leffex ...
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General Discussion

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all you lovable Octopuses!Stay safe! Have fun!
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General Discussion

Raid time change?

As the title says, should we change raid time to be more accommodating? the most consistency we have is people are late lol. IRL>wow but still. Just a thought.
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Progression Raiding

Holiday Schedule!

Please respond to the poll!
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General Discussion

Recruiting comment and make us look cool yall!
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Warrior's Fortress

Furious Warrioring

Hey, here's a quick guide to playing fury warrior:Stat Priority:Haste>Mastery=Versatility>CritThe stat weights for Mastery, Versatility, and Critical Strike are so very close that all you really need to worry about is stacking Haste. Haste w...
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General Discussion

WoW themed wallpaper

Found a gallery of wallpapers by class and spec, thought people might enjoy them.They're all weapons, except for cat and bear.
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Progression Raiding

12/6 and 12/8

We will clear Normal ToV hopefully on Tuesday...maybe kill Heroic Odyn as well? Then on Thursday ,depending on how Tuesday night goes, we will either Continue heroic ToV or clear Heroic Emerald Nightmare! As for Mythic Emerald Nightmare we need a ...
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General Discussion

Resigning from Raid

Hey all, things have come up and I will no longer be able to raid. My heart hasn't been in the game for over a month anyhow having lost my desire to play. Hope you guys do well pushing into mythic. Later all o/
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General Discussion

My absence

Just want to apologize for my absence for the last few raids. Have had a lot of issues that needed to be taken care of in the real world. I will be back on Tuesday ready to go.
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General Discussion

7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare!

Fantastic run tonight, ladies & gentlemen(and Reg)!We're not only Ahead of the Curve, but on course for Mythic in a couple of weeks. Normal Nighthold won't even slow us down!Are you excited? I'm excited.
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General Discussion


Welcome to Alola, motherfuckers.
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Progression Raiding

Proposed plan for 11/15 and 11/17

We haven't discussed next week specifically. However, I propose that we send next week getting 7/7 H EN. It's a very do-able goal for us.Please plan on running H EN both nights. I'll update this post if plans change.
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Progression Raiding

The plan for 11/10!

We're going into Trial of Valor!The plan is to start on Heroic and see how it is. If we're failing too hard we'll knock it down to Normal and (hopefully) do a victory lap on it.Please make sure you watch some videos and get attuned. The attunement...
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How to summon Nightbane in Karazhan

Upon opening the door after zoning into Karazhan, the following emote happens:"The strange chill of a dark presence winds through the air." This starts the timer.You have a STRICT timing to make it to Opera, kill Opera and click the first Soul Fra...
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General Discussion

Did anyone post logs from tonight?

I know everyone's addons were probably still screwed, but did anyone happen to get logs posted?
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Mage's Tower


Altered Time fire guideMy armoryCrit is still our bread and butter with a soft cap of ~22k so continue to take crit over intellect until you hit that shit!Also, Wriggling Sinew. To take full advantage of this trinket with our kit, you will want to...
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