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#12978035 Jan 10, 2017 at 09:02 AM
Veteran Octopus
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The damage done by many Unholy spells has been increased by 6%.

All Will Serve damage increased by 15%.

Army of the Dead and Apocalypse ghouls damage has been increased.

Blighted Rune Weapon number of auto attacks affected increased to 5 (was 4).

Clawing Shadows damage increased by 20%.

Dark Arbiter cooldown reduced to 2 minutes (was 3 minutes).

Death Coil damage increased by 17%.

Defile damage increased by 20%, and Mastery per stack increased to 300 (was 200).

Ebon Fever now also causes Virulent Plague to deal 20% more damage over time.

Necrosis damage bonus increased to 40% (was 35%).

Pestilent Pustules triggers every 8 runes (was 6).

Portal to the Underworld damage increased by 33%.

Runic Corruption now has a 1% chance to proc per Runic Power spent (was a 1.25% chance).

Unholy Frenzy duration increased to 2.5 seconds (was 2 seconds), and the cap on extending it increased to 25 seconds (was 10 seconds). Buff now cancels on encounter start.
#12978042 Jan 10, 2017 at 09:03 AM
Veteran Octopus
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Abomination’s Might chance increased to 20% (was 10%).

Breath of Sindragosa damage increased by 64%.

Freezing Fog damage bonus increased to 30% (was 25%).

Gathering Storm damage increased per stack increased to 15% (was 10%).

Horn of Winter runic power gain increased to 20 (was 10).

Hungering Rune Weapon duration increased to 15 seconds (was 12 seconds).

Murderous Efficiency chance increased to 65% (was 50%).

Volatile Shielding damage school changed from Arcane to Shadow.

White Walker damage reduction increased to 30% (was 20%), and slow effect increased to 70% (was 50%).
#12978047 Jan 10, 2017 at 09:06 AM
Veteran Octopus
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Blood Tap recharge time reduction per Bone Shield charge consumed increased to 2 seconds (was 1 second).

Bloodworms’ healing per bloodworm increased to 15% of max HP (was 5%).

Blooddrinker total health leech increased by 130%.

Bone Shield charges are now only consumed by melee attacks and Spectral Deflection.

Bonestorm heal increased to 2% (was 1%).

Gorefiend’s Grasp cooldown now 2 minutes (was 3 minutes).

Heartbreaker bonus Runic Power per target hit reduced to 2 (was 3).

March of the Damned duration bonus increased to 100% (was 50%).

Mark of Blood heal increased to 3% (was 2%).

Purgatory cooldown now 4 minutes (was 3 minutes). This cooldown resets on death.

Purgatory now always lasts 3 seconds after it activates, even if you briefly go into positive health.

Rapid Decomposition now causes Death and Decay to deal damage 15% more often (was 50%), and Runic Power generation changed to 1 per second (was 15% more).

Rune Tap damage reduction increased to 40% (was 25%).

Tightening Grasp cooldown reduction to Gorefiend’s Grasp is now 30 seconds (was 60 seconds).

Tombstone consumes a maximum of 5 stacks of Bone Shield, and now provides 6 Runic Power and absorb damage equal to 6% of your maximum health (was 3 Runic Power and 3% of health).

Vampiric Blood now increases incoming absorbs as well as heals.

Will of the Necropolis damage reduction increased to 35% (was 20%).
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