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#12805660 Oct 24, 2016 at 05:52 PM
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Just a heads up for anyone using DMB, bigWigs or even Exsorsus raid tools, when 7.1 hits tomorrow ALL mods that track your position in game... IE range finder or the blade mechanics on Xavius are DEAD. Blizzard is finally removing the ability for mods to track your character in game.

Raid awareness will start to make a HUGE difference on fights like the Eye and Xavius and even the first Dragon fight with the poison.

#12806257 Oct 25, 2016 at 01:08 AM
Veteran Octopus
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RIP /range. You helped so good.
#12807277 Oct 25, 2016 at 11:38 AM
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Here is what is happening to DBM from the creator:

Blizzard just announced a decision to break UnitPosition in dungeons and raids in upcoming patch 7.1.
As a result of these changes, the follow DBM features will be removed or limited sometime soon:

DBM Arrow
DBM Radar/RangeFrame
DBM Hudmap
Position based warning filters (are you on mogu side or mantid? Boat or platform?)
Nearby Warnings (bad thing on playerName near you)

Arrow and Hudmap will be missed at high end but won't affect most average raiders (Also where I put majority of my effort for mythic raid mods). The radar being broken is going to affect everyone and make simple things like spreading out properly require a lot more geometry and annoyance. It'll be like the days of Gruul in BC where the only range finder DBM could give you was a text based one that was fixed to limited ranges using things like bandages or inspect. Blizzard seems to want that BC raiding style back. It's their game so it's their wishes. I merely need to mention I'm not stripping these features from DBM because I want to.

Just a real shame they knew about this in advance and decided only now to share it after the countless hours put into the above features for Legion. I went above and beyond with arrows and hudmap for Nightmare and Nighthold and even Mythic dungeons.

So much time wasted on features no one will ever get to see/enjoy, put into mods (especially Nighthold). I constantly read boss feedback threads and over and over and over again people said "x mechanic is hard to see please add arrows". Months later fight retested "still hard to see, why not add arrows". This was on multiple fights. Well I say on a good 2/3rd of Nighthold, DBM added arrows or some other kind of helper. Everywhere possible.
Now, the only question remains, do I remove them right away from Emerald Nightmare, so people can get "used to it" or leave them in so people can at least use and see these features for Emerald Nightmare (not nearly as fancy as Nighthold but present), only to have them taken away from them mid progression?
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