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#12794025 Oct 19, 2016 at 12:47 PM · Edited 3 years ago
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This is more for Zen, Lazer, Lesteon, and myself.

How do you all feel last night went? How was healing our heroic attempt at the dragons? Zen and I made the decision for him to focus on the tanks and I focus on the raid for the night. I think we should try switching that around for one or two fights just to see how it works. This has nothing to do with you, Zen...more of me trying to find a holy paladin's place in heroic EN, haha.

I think last night went extremely well, healing wise, though.

I also am questioning what it means to "focus" on either the raid or the tank. In high raid-wide AOE damage situations... how much were you, Zen, healing the rest of the raid? As a healer, I find myself trying to heal any green bar that dips below half. Part of the reason why I play a healer is that I don't trust others with that much responsibility... when I see a health bar hitting 50-75% my first instinct is to HEAL HEAL HEAL. After thinking about last night, I realized that I did not really do anything differently than previous nights... should I have ignored the tanks a bit more and put that attention towards the rest of the raid? Say I were to be focusing on tank healing... should I attempt to heal raid members who drop below half, or trust that the other healers will take care of them? Say I am healing the raid (like last night)...should I spend the mana on healing the tank when at or below 50% or should I trust the tank healer?

Absolutely NONE of this is meant to sound like ANY healer was not doing their job... I think we all dominated last night. However, I found myself running out of mana at 34% of the H. Dragons fight... I am not sure how to overcome this or what to do about it on Thursday night. The raid, as a whole, was taking incredible amounts of damage throughout that entire fight and I was struggling to keep up, both HPS and mana wise.
#12795047 Oct 19, 2016 at 08:48 PM
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Well, I was pleased with how focusing on tanks went for the most part. I have some single target heals that felt good to place on tanks, and statue then provides free healing (channel of soothing mist). I didn't expect to be as high up on the healing chart as I was with this technique, so I was pleased with that too (and I'm giving up 4-5 ilvls to you and lazer to boot). In general i was putting my big hot on tank, smaller hot on raid, doing damage, and then using my 3-man aoe heal when it procced. Then during big raid damage I was healing raid with my big aoe heal in between keeping my hots rolling. Felt good.

However, I was not happy with how those 3 dragon pulls went for me. Part of it my positioning (I tried to find a place away from stuff and the other dragon stacks, and ended up right where Futon was sending the dragon breath... duh), and part of it was trying different talents to find a good match for that fight. For the first pull I was in my tank-focus talent (statue), and then I went away from that for the second and third pull to get chi-ji going thinking that he could help out on the other side where needed...

Daz, you and I were on the same side on that fight, and for a good portion I think the health bars were pretty full, and then we fell behind during the swaps. Many of my heals are hots, so if you are topping off folks who are above 80% when i have a hot on them then I overheal... I was looking at logs, and I think I had more overhealing than I needed.

The other thing for dragons is that my best aoe heal is essence font, which heals up to 18 damaged raiders for a 6 second hot.... the only problem is that we were in groups of 10, so that spell is no longer as efficient for me. So I need to make further adjustments.

I wonder if we both do more dps early, then you will not be oom, and I will not overheal for as much? We know there will be a lot of damage late, and it would be good to have the mana to make a big impact later in the fight. And doing a little dps early will help there be a little less of the fight to heal.

#12795305 Oct 20, 2016 at 12:16 AM
Veteran Octopus
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I thought Zen and I were on the same side with H dragons. I was going to suggest switching him with Lesteon. Druid heals compliment each other and it results in less overhealing. I noticed all the healers were going oom by half the fight and a lot of overhealing. I would highly recommend you guys turn off your meters during the fight and pace yourselves. I figured out exactly how much healing I needed to do to pace my mana by the last pull.

Adds and flowers are not being taken care of quick enough and people are not moving out of those purple missile things. We only have two dispels per side, if you can spec into something that removes roots people should grab it.

People need to be spread out a bit further than they have been and this will solve a lot of these problems. Minimum 10 yards apart for Ysondre. The adds from those flowers have to be killed by ranged or picked up by the tanks asap away from melee. They have a 5 yard damage reduction debuff.

We, as healers, need to watch stacks on shadow burst cause if they get too high on a single player it can be too much to heal.

The adds Emeriss spawns aoe to the whole raid and need to go down ASAP or the casts interupted.

There is a ton of constant damage that really ramps up at just after the first switch and getting hit by mechanics you can avoid pushes the healers past being able to heal.

Would an extra healer help? Sure would, but that would be cheesing it and we can totally do this fight with 4 heals. Also. which side would the extra healer stand?

TLDR: Fight is doable, turn your meters off, stop looking at HPS and pace your mana, mechanics are hard, adds need to die
#12795804 Oct 20, 2016 at 06:50 AM
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Good input Zen, however you and Lazer were on the left and I was with Lesteon on the right. I will try turning off meters for that fight but I think my main problem was just keeping up with all the constant damage. I really tried to pace myself for the first 60 seconds of the fight...which went well...but after those 60 seconds it becomes a shit show. I did notice TONS of people getting hit by the purple circles.. myself included. I also agree with you, Lazer, in that we arent spread far enough apart. One of the things that REALLY was killing my mana and my time was trying to dispel rooted people and healing the ones I couldnt dispel. I don't know about you but I have one stinking dispel and its on a huge cooldown. Can any of the other DPS classes/specs dispel others? Can we dispel the shadowburst on the raid?

Zen, I think you're right... I felt really good about Tuesday night...maybe we should stick with you on the tanks and myself focusing on raid for now?
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