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#12790861 Oct 18, 2016 at 07:51 AM
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Hey everyone,

This goes out to Zen, Lazer, or Lesteon. What healing strategies are you using for the Xavus fight? I honestly...for the life of me... can't figure out the "dream state" and non "dream state" mechanic. What do you guys do differently in each state? As a healer, how should we be avoiding the mind control mechanic? I believe, for the first week or so I was the only raider getting mind controlled and it was fairly early on.

#12791384 Oct 18, 2016 at 11:47 AM
Guild Officer
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Basically as a healer, if you're not in the dream, you mainly wanna focus on just healing everyone and avoiding all the bad stuff, that also includes that you should NOT be dispelling as the not dreaming healer, because dispelling the tank debuff gives you 25 corruption.

While as the dreaming healer, your job is mainly to be on dispelling the tank when the tank debuff hits 3 stacks and calls for it. Since the tank debuff gives 1/4 the corruption bar per dispel, we only have a few possible dispels before "losing" that healer in the dream when they get to full corruption. and the just become a regular non-dreaming healer. As the dreaming healer of course, you have the regular jobs of healing the rest of the group and all, but you should still try to avoid all bad stuff on the ground, since with our group, we usually have many dreaming dps who are able to help deal with the rest of the mechanics.

I should note: that the dreaming healer could potentially be asked to assist with those other dream mechanics, which usually involve standing in bad stuff or other mechanics which go against WoW 101 of "don't stand in fire" but as I said, in a large group as ours, if we have gotten to that point where we have few to no dps capable of dreaming and doing those mechanics, it's most likely a wipe anyway.

Hope that helps clear up the mechanic some, and if you need anymore explained, or if another healer has additional input, feel free to say so!
#12791497 Oct 18, 2016 at 12:25 PM
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Great response. I think I was dispelling the tanks while not in dream state for our first couple kills.

#12791674 Oct 18, 2016 at 01:44 PM
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When you are in the dream state go crazy on all your heals and CDs cause once you get out your mana and CDs reset to the point before dream state. It does not work the other way around though.

Also, you can dispel outside of the dream state, just not recommended to do so. As long as you can end the fight without going mad. You will also have to deal with more mechanics the higher the corruption.

On our first Xavius kill Zen and I dispelled a couple times outside of dream state, one or more of the other healers were either being slow or not dispelling at all. There is a delay in vent coupled with the fact that it is hard to watch the tanks and heal plus do mechanics at the same time. It helps a lot if the tanks are marked and the spot they run to is also marked. That way you can quickly take notice at a mere glance in that direction.
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