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Tuesday night was really painful to watch and to endure. I have looked at the logs and think that some things needs to change tonight! I have mentioned it several times how there needs to be improvements in performance before we go into Heroics. I have been quite lenient but Tuesday was a wake up call. I wasn't super thrilled with my performance either but there are a handful of our raiders who just really cannot be in Heroic right now until some changes are made on their end. So here is a list of what will happen tonight!

--We will start on Normal, raids start at 9:30 EST!

--We will kill one boss.

--The Officers and I will then take a look at the numbers and decide on a few things.

1) Can we go back into Heroic if we sit some people?
2) Who do we sit?
3) Do we continue clearing Normal tonight and next week?

I know this sounds pretty harsh but there are some raid members really holding the team back. I thought maybe those people would know and would volunteer to sit until they improve but unfortunately that isn't happening and I am left to do this. The majority want to see progress and want to get gear without getting frustrated with players who are severely under-performing.

Now that all being said....IF YOU ARE ASKED TO SIT...we are not banning you from raiding with the core group! The Officers and I will work with you the best that we can. We want to build you up into stronger raiders so that you too can contribute to the team! We want you to be able to contribute.

During a time where you are sitting out you should take time to really work on your class! Maybe you need to change specializations! Or maybe you need to fine tune your rotation and work on proper gearing for your class and spec. Run mythic dungeons during your free time! Almost every night I am running mythic dungeons and asking people to join! If you are being sat and someone within the guild is looking for more then you should go! We can help you. We will run Normal EN on a separate night so that you can continue working on the mechanics of fights too!

This is a really tough decision I am having to make but this is what I feel needs to happen.

Loots Rules are still free roll Ms>Os until a Loot Council is established. If you won something already then the next highest roll wins.

-Dante (GM)
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