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This guide is going to touch on the basics of WoW raiding and how you fit into the picture of an average raiding guild. This guide may touch upon advanced player mechanics towards the end of each Topic, but those are generally for after you've mastered the fundamentals.

---Character Control: One of the most important things to master in order to progress in raiding. You absolutely must be able to quickly maneuver the mechanics/yourself into or out of the proper places as fast as possible most of the time.

An advanced player may min/max the time he has to take a mechanic in or out to get the most DPS/Heals.

Backpeddling AKA "S" key on your keyboard. No, bad raider *swats your nose*. It's not a good idea to use this at any point in an encounter.

If you have to take a mechanic out, turning your character with your mouse and then running is a 100% must. You cannot turn with "A" or "D" keys then run out.

Healers have their mouse occupied with healing. This doesn't excuse not turning your character with the mouse when you have a mechanic to run out.

Advanced healers will take full advantage of the 180 degree frontal movement you can get by strafing using combinations of "Q""W""E" keys to heal while moving.

Advanced DPS will have most if not all of their abilities assigned to either extra keys on their mouse or keyboard. This is known as keybinding which I will touch on later.

---Preparation: The ideal raider comes with the following items: Healing potion, appropiate flask(stam for tanks only, main stat for heals/dps), DPS potion/Mana Potion/Tanking Potion (depending on your role), Enough Gold for repairs, and IRL drinks and snacks.

---Mechanics: When you come into a raid you should have read up on the boss fight for your role. Sometimes healers have something that needs to be dispelled at the right time. Sometimes there are adds that need to be killed in the right order. Sometimes Tanks have to swap boss aggro at unconventional times. These are things that you should know before going into a fight.

Guides: Wowhead



---Keybinds, Macros, and Addons: Keybinds are binding an ability to a key easily accessable so that you don't have to click it with your mouse. Keybinds are the only way to progress from a decent player to a Excellent one. Hitting your defensive CD or Healing Potion quickly and at the right time in a fight can be the difference between wipe or kill. Usually people buy gaming mouses with 12 or so buttons on it. Others bind them to keys easily accessible to your thumb and index find on your keyboard. Link to Guide.

Clicking: Clicking your abilities is slow and leaves you and your raid vulnerable to mechanics not being taken out in time.

Macros: Macros used to be absolutely necessary in the past but not so much with all of the pruning Blizz has done. I suggest you google Macros for your class/spec/playstyle in google.

Addons: There are a ton of addons available for WoW that can significantly help you. I suggest browsing your class on the Curse addon website. I also posted about a ton of general addons here in this Forum.

---Mistakes: Reading and doing are two different things and sometimes it takes people longer to learn how to do something than others and that is ok.

Mistakes happen. No one is perfect. I make mistakes. Leaders make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. You must be able to learn from your mistakes and ask questions if you dont know, but also not let mistakes, you or others make, hit you too hard.

If you've been in the guild for a while you have probably seen me jump off a cliff once or twice. It's a ritual that I've never explained why but there is logic to it and it's related to this topic. There is another game I play called Eve Online. If you make a mistake, in Eve, you get killed and your ship, everything attached to it and in your cargo, is gone, either destroyed or looted by another player. This can lead to some serious rage or salt for losing a ship. It can also get your adrenaline going and make you a nervous wreck unable to concetrate or play.

One thing I tell other people to do is to undock a fully fit ship they normally fly and self destruct their ship for no reason. If it matters to you so much that you cannot do that, you will never progress as a player. You will be too concerned with your loss and forget you are playing a videogame to have fun.

You need to be able to come into a raid and take the losses. Dying doesn't matter so long as you learn from your mistakes and ask questions.

---Being a Teamplayer: This topic ranges from letting your Raid Leader know you can't make it to raid to not putting out enough DPS to progress past a particular boss.

Sometimes raids will get stuck on a boss and the Raid Leader may decide to sit you out. This is nothing personal to you. Maybe you've done your best but your ilvl isn't high enough or you couldn't find the time to sit down before raid to learn the mechanics. Either way Progression guilds exist to kill bosses. Pulling down the team will only hurt the raid as a whole. Eventually as everyone's ilvl, skill, etc increases raid leaders can fit you back in.

Being a teamplayer also means being on time to your raid and being able to stay the entire duration. Obviously emergencies happen and RL always takes priority over videogames; However, raiders are here to raid and not sit on our hands for half an hour while we wait for you.

---Loot: Having the proper attitude towards loot is essential to raiding. Loot is what most players strive for. We all want that shiny purple. Peoples attitude towards loot breaks guilds. This is probably the most controversial topic I will touch upon and is entirely my own opinion.

Loot should not matter as much as it does to some people. A lower ilvl but skilled player will always out heal/DPS a higher ilvl unskilled player. You want to put out better numbers? Go learn more about your class and boss mechanics, because that is what is more important to a raid.

Raiding is about the raid group not about you and your supposed "deserved" loot. Sometimes you do poorly and another person does great on a boss fight, let them have the loot and dont roll. Sometimes you've already won a piece and another has not, let them have the loot and don't roll.

Sometimes nobody is paying attention and somebody gets an item they probably shouldn't have gotten for doing poorly or already got an item while someone else hasn't gotten one all week. Speak up and whisper that person or talk to your leadership. People can be level headed when you come to them respectfully and within reason. Don't go all mental, cause drama and /gquit because someone got loot you think they shouldn't have. If someone asks you if they can have that piece of loot because you already got one or you did poorly or they say they havn't gotten loot in 3 weeks, be a teamplayer and give it up to the other player. If they say no, they say no. Likewise if you feel you deserve that piece tell them no. Most of us that play this game are adults and can take rejection.

Maybe you don't get a piece of loot all week. It is not the end of the world. Loot comes and goes, your guild is always there.

---Your Leaders: Your Raid Leaders are not infallible. They will make mistakes. They have faults. Do not take out your frustrations on them. Help them by providing advice in raid chat, but try not to backseat raid lead. These are people doing their best to provide you content.

Your Raid Leaders provide you a service. They arrange and organize our content so that all we have to do is show up on time and prepared. They do all the heavy lifting and sometimes you can't always see the hard work they put into doing what they do. Raid leading is stressful, so please do try to be lenient and helpful to them.

**currently full of grammar and other mistakes, will edit later
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Lazer, that was *sniffle* beautiful.
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