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#12771718 Oct 10, 2016 at 02:46 AM
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Hey, here's a quick guide to playing fury warrior:

Stat Priority:

The stat weights for Mastery, Versatility, and Critical Strike are so very close that all you really need to worry about is stacking Haste. Haste will likely fall off at some point, but that point appears to be impossible to reach as of yet.

Pick Endless Rage, then all the talents on the right side of the tree. Switch Avatar out for wrecking ball if you absolutely need to do high 3+ target damage (but this will reduce your single target damage by a decent amount).

Initial rotation:
1. Use Avatar and Battle Cry
2. Bloodthirst
3. Odyn's fury
4. Raging Blow
5. Bloodthirst
6. Dragon Roar
7. Raging Blow
8. Rampage
9. Furious Slash
10. Raging Blow

General Rotation Notes:
The name of the game is to keep enrage up. If you are enraged use Odyn's Fury, then Raging Blow, then furious slash. You should be able to get in two abilities per enrage (sometimes you can squeeze a third in).

Only use Dragon Roar before Rampage, it's ok to use it one to two moves before Rampage because it will last long enough.

Try to only use rampage or bloodthirst when enrage is right about to end (but still within enrage to get the damage buff on that ability). It is ok to hang out at full rage for a small amount of time, but not preferable.

DPS Cooldowns:

Battle Cry: Every time you use this your rotation should be:
1. Bloodthirst
2. Odyn's Fury OR Raging Blow
3. Raging Blow OR Furious slash
4. Bloodthirst
Never use Dragon Roar during Battle Cry, Dragon Roar is always a 100% crit chance.

Avatar: Never use this unless Battle Cry is also available. Generally it lines up with every other Battle Cry, but depending on RNG you may have to wait 10-20s with this up.

Under 20% priority:
1. Execute (always execute if you have the rage, or if Sense Death procs)
2. Bloodthirst
3. Raging Blow
The main idea here is to keep growing stacks of Juggernaut. Typically, if execute is not used at least one out of every three attacks the stacks will drop (depending on haste and Bloodlust, you can sometimes make it work executing every fourth attack. This is not optimal).

2. Bloodthirst OR Rampage
3. Odyn's Fury (If enraged)
-repeat ad nauseum. You will end up using multiple whirlwinds before bloodthirst or rampage become available. Never use bloodthirst or rampage without the whirlwind buff.

Final Rotation Notes:
Because Fury has a lot of RNG buffs the rotation will speed up, slow down, and skip around. You just have to get used to it and adapt as the situations occur.

One of your best attacks in every encounter is going to be your standard melee attack. That is why we want to focus on making buffs last as long as possible and only re-entering enrage at the end of the previous enrage. It will be VERY tempting to use bloodthirst early, don't do it. It will reduce the number of regular melee swings that are enraged, and represent a dps loss in the long-term.

Defensive CDS:

Enraged Regeneration: This gets more powerful with every level of your artifact weapon, it heals you by a percent of your total hp. Use this when you are low on hp and heals are busy healing other folks. Always use it directly before bloodthirst would be used in your rotation, and always use bloodthirst twice within the duration of Enraged Regeneration. This will bring you back to almost full hp.

Commanding Shout: Use this to either (a) mitigate raid-wide damage or (b) save your own skin. Keep in mind that it only effects party/raid members within 30yds, on some fights it is not as useful as it sounds.

Equipping Legendary Items:
These don't drop, don't worry about it.
#12942970 Dec 24, 2016 at 02:01 PM
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When you get the legendary helm Ceann-Ar Charger you can (for the most part) ball up that rigid rotation and throw it out a window.

New Priority:

1. Odyn's Fury (if enraged)
2. Raging Blow (if enraged)
3. Rampage
4. Bloodthirst
5. Raging Blow (not enraged)
7. Dragon Roar
6. Furious Slash (you have to have bad RNG to get to the point where you're using this)

Basically, use raging blow and bloodthirst on cd and rampage all the damn time.
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