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#12768827 Oct 08, 2016 at 03:57 PM
Veteran Octopus
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So going into heroics I feel like more coordinated use of Innervate would be of great benefit. Here's a nice write up on it, including weakauras for tracking it, which healing classes it would be best used on and so forth.

It seems like it would be best to have a designated person call out who casts innervate and the recipient (which according to the article would usually be Zen).

I will also soon be getting the artifact trait that gives +20% haste to my innervate. 😀
#12769196 Oct 08, 2016 at 07:46 PM · Edited 3 years ago
Veteran Octopus
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I know I'm a bit biased being a RDruid. He mentions that a RDruid would only save the equivalent of an Ancient Mana Potion is totally wrong. Not to mention that RDruids have no way to get back mana while nearly every other healer does. Never trust theorycrafting blogs at face value.

Ideally yes it would result in higher output in 10 seconds of innervate use if I were to hand mine out. Theorycrafting never truly meets reality. What if I hand out the innervate and he suddenly has to move or another healer uses a raid wide CD, what if there never comes a time when there isnt a raid CD available and your RDruid has wasted his innervate whole raid by saving it, what if this, what if that etc. Obviously most of those things can be avoided by having coms discipline and calling out what you are going to do/about to do/require now but we have, that I know of, 2 healers with mics including myself.

I usually use my first Innervate early in the fight and save the last for the end. There have been times in fights where this has been the difference between me being oom and me having 10 seconds of non stop casting plus all that mana that has regenerated in those 10 seconds being immediately available for use afterwards. Or I could have been sitting there waiting for my mana to trickle up forever not being able to heal.

Our healers are super OP strong right now. To the point of most of the fights our overhealing nearly matches our actual healing.

Plus I can't give Zen my Innervate, him and I have a friendly rivalry going for who can out heal the other and it's neck and neck.
#12769897 Oct 09, 2016 at 06:23 AM
Veteran Octopus
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Innervate is amazing! I have a WA set up that flashes and tracks the duration across the top of my screen, so I see it right away. Hearing a cast call on vent just before or as it's cast would ensure that i don't lose that first second...

I have a very expensive (8% of mana) spell (Essence Font) that smart-casts to 18 injured folks over three seconds, are hots, and increase my other healing to them for 6 seconds. Basically, the 20% haste increase means that I can cast this, hit folks for a vivify (three person smart cast) or two, cast a second essense font, and then more vivify... all in 10 sec... Late in the fight, when I'm on fumes, this feels like a get-out-of-jail-free card!

I absolutely get Lazer's point about not wanting to lose to m..... I mean, not wanting to lose full efficiency of innervate, and druid also has hots that will benefit from the haste. Also, it would be a huge loss to overlap the innervates.

On the other hand, I'm higher ilvl and weapon than pal's druid right now, so maybe it would make sense for Kesk and Pal to use their innervate on me (coordinated via a plan going into the fight or via call-out on vent) and Lazer to use his on himself.

Also, if we are going to get serious we need to discuss order for raid CDs, now that we know the fights. I have everyone's raid cooldown tracked, and I try to remember to keep this in mind as the fight progresses, but sometimes two of us have the same idea at the same time and we both push the button.

I think Yari has a mana saving cool-down too...
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