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#12749492 Sep 30, 2016 at 09:32 AM
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Hey beautiful people, we're doing well! I'm going to start posting these raiding plans again.

Next week we're starting fresh in Normal EN. We've got the first three bosses on farm for sure and I hope to one shot Renferal (once you got that fight, you got it). We were so close on Il'gynoth that I hope to down it either late Tuesday or early Thursday and at least see some Cenarius.

Please watch some videos on Cenarius!

Here's the TL;DR vid for Cenarius:


1) We want to expand our raid time back to our 3hr time-block, it's hard to get stuff done with only 4hrs a week. Dante will orchestrate the when, where, and how on this. Not sure how soon it will be in effect.

2) We want to start checking out early bosses on Heroic mode. (Potentially before Xavius is downed, unless he's as easy as everyone says he is). Once again, Dante is taking the point on this one

Thanks for all the hard work thus far!

#12749532 Sep 30, 2016 at 09:50 AM · Edited 3 years ago
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Cool, I was wondering about the raid times cause it seems like they are too short.

Xavius is super easy, it just seems hard. Cenarius was a much harder fight. Once you have mechanics down there is nothing to heal and it's all a dps race. Only one quarter of our dps are hitting the minimum requirement atm. Im sure we'll have to farm heroic a week or two before people are up to gear.

EDIT: I just downed nyth on heroic and the dps requirements for it are about the same as xavius maybe even a bit more.

That was the dps in that nyth group and we came 18 seconds to enrage. it was 2/3/5 group.
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